H is for Hygiene

We as occupational therapy and healthcare providers know the importance of hygiene and the impact that it can have on overall health and wellness.

This picture was taken a few years ago in Honduras while I was volunteering as part of a medical mission. At first glance, I smiled and thought it was cute…

cause why wouldn’t you think that a lil personified buttocks holding a sign saying “Yes to hygiene” isn’t cute.

But upon further reflection, I realized that this sign had much greater and more serious implications on global health. I mean, the simple act of washing your hands these days has the ability to save lives. I have seen more videos and social media posts about how to correctly wash your hands in the last few weeks than I think I ever saw growing up.

We know the importance of hygiene on health and well-being for ourselves and our clients. We know that completing even simple, everyday tasks like washing your hands, brushing your teeth or hair, showering and bathing, and even wiping yourself after using the toilet impact our clients far more than they might even realize.

Now more than ever we need to help our clients get back to their own hygiene routines.

We need to educate the importance of hygiene at a societal and global level.

We need to say “Si a la higiene!!!”

The ABCs of OT was created by Shannen Marie. For more #otmonth fun, follow along to see what the rest of the alphabet has in store.

So who’s with me? Drop a peach in the comments if you are ready to say “Si a la higiene”.

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