F is for Fieldwork Educator

I think being a fieldwork educator is one of the best and most important clinical roles I have.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to work with some of the most amazing students and volunteers and have watched as they have grown from OT student into fabulous OT practitioner.

I have been able to share with them my experience and passion for the field, given them exposure into the world of early intervention and private practice, as well as instilled in them confidence to pursue their OT dreams.

But honestly, my students weren’t the only ones learning during their fieldwork rotations. I constantly learned how to facilitate growth with their clinical skills and understanding, how to push them to the point of being challenged but not being completely overwhelmed, and how to establish and maintain an open line of communication where my students felt acknowledged and heard.

Best of all, I have gained so many friendships from my students and have absolutely loved getting to watch them go out into the profession and make a huge impact in the lives of their clients.

If you are a fieldwork educator, what’s your favorite part about taking students?

If you haven’t taken a student before, what’s holding you back?

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