B is for Bagless

Many states have already adopted this way of practicing in which therapists working within home-based practice use the materials that are readily available within the client’s home. This means no more bringing a Mary Poppins bag full of toys and equipment.

Although, my state has not mandated it yet, going bagless is something that I have been adopting over the past few years. Applying the bagless principle in early intervention means that I use whatever I have within the kiddo’s home, whether that be their toys, their materials, and even their furniture.

Going bagless makes me have to think on spot on how to use a certain activity or material to address my client’s goals, really tapping into my creativity and quick clinical thinking. It also provides better carry-over for the families to work on therapy activities throughout the week (even when the therapist isn’t there), as well as promotes the therapeutic process within the child’s natural environment.

If you work in a home-based pediatric setting and have never tried going bagless before, I urge you to give it a try. If you’ve done it, what are your thoughts?

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