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Leadership is Not One Size Fits All

Sarah Putt, MA, OTR/L

For years I believed something that just isn’t true. 

I believed that in order to be a leader, I had to have a position in some sort of leadership or managerial role. 

I believed I wasn’t a leader. I believed that only big names in the OT space were leaders. 

But let me tell you something, that just isn’t the case. 

Leadership is not one size fits all. Leaders come in all different sizes, shapes, colors, and experience levels.

Yes, leaders exist at the top of our state, national, and world associations. But leaders also exist in our workplaces, at our schools, and in our daily lives. 

Anytime that you go out and represent the profession of occupational therapy, you are being a leader.  Just showing up makes you one.  Whether you are a practitioner, student, or pre-OT volunteer and whether you’re talking to a client, a friend, a family member or some stranger you met at the supermarket. 

We are all leaders. Wherever we are. Whatever we do. 

So today, if you were anything like me a few years ago and didn’t consider yourself a leader, I want you to ask yourself these questions. How are you showing up? How are you representing the profession even if in the smallest of ways? How are you leading at your current level?

Now tell me… Do you consider yourself to be a leader? Why or why not?

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