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Best of Occupational Therapy (09/02/2020)

This week, the best of occupational therapy includes: occupational therapy practitioners on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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best of occupational therapy

Hey y’all. I’m keeping with the theme game and this week I want to highlight some amazing work that occupational therapy practitioners are doing over on Teachers Pay Teachers. Now, if you are like me and don’t work in the school setting, you prolly had no idea that OTPs were even on TPT. Well let me just say, they are and they have some amazing content for therapists in pediatrics.

Sarah Bee OT

Sarah is a school-based OT and has tons of resources from emotional regulation to fine and visual motor. She takes a play based approach to skill development.

The OT Butterfly

A clinic based OT who is always looking to help her kiddos find that “ah-ha” moment and realize that they can do it. She strives to find the just right challenge within all of her resources so kids can be successful in their accomplishments.

Cait The COTA

A school-based certified occupational therapy assistant who has tons of seasonal activities for home, school and clinic.

Mindfulness in mOTion

An educational OT duo who aim to produce content to address the important of mindfulness and movement in our everyday lives.

The Organized OT

A pediatric OT who is all about being organized. She has a ton of resources to help you get and stay organized.


A seasoned school-based and clinic-based COTA with over 21 years experience. She has hundreds of amazing resources in her TPT store.

nOTeworthy Resources

An OT who designs engaging, play-based resources for pediatric therapists, teachers, parents, and exceptional educators who want to go to the extra mile for each and every child

Pink Pomelo

A school-based occupational therapist with experience working with students grades Pre-K through high school. There’s resources for handwriting, grid dot writing, visual scanning, and more.

Did I Really Forget to Post Last Week?

Why yes, yes I did. Oops!

From not having internet to having our stuff get delivered to our new place, I guess you can say that The BOOT got booted to the end of my to-do. Apologies to making you wait, but I know this feature was totally worth it. Time to get back on track, now that things are starting to settle down over here.

Last Monday, I released a new podcast episode with Emilia Dewi from @the_lymph_therapist and let me just say it was mind-blowing. We chat all about the lymphatic system and specifically navigating life with cancer-related lymphedema. I also put out an episode with my takeaways this week so if you haven’t listened to them yet, take some time for these episodes. So much good stuff that should not be missed.

There’s also a brand new episode of the OT Roundtable podcast out now asking the question “Should every OT practitioner be a fieldwork educator?” Nancy from @lovelly_ot joined the Roundtablers for an amazing discussion about the do’s and don’ts of fieldwork education.

Also, if you want to be featured in an upcoming podcast episode, get your voicemails in. I can’t wait to share all the amazingness I have received. Here’s the current question of the month- What’s your best advice for OT and OTA students?

For this month’s #30daymovementchallenge we’re doing #animalwalks4lyfe. If you wanna join in, post a video on your Instagram story, tag me @ot.4.lyfe, and use the #lunges4lyfe so we can hold each other accountable #accountabilOT. Check out my IG stories everyday to see all the creativeness in action.

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– Sarah

For us, OT is more than just a job!

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