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Best of Occupational Therapy (07/08/2020)

This week, the best of occupational therapy includes: OT and oncology, finances and fieldwork, advocating amidst the pandemic, autism and the police, and ADHD.

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Here’s the Deal: This is where I bring you the best of the best from the field of OT.

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best of occupational therapy

OT’s Role in Oncology

Occupational therapy is so needed within the cancer setting and is also ever evolving with new treatments and procedures. Find out more about this practice area in Miss Johan OT’s recent interview with a therapist who works in oncology.

Financially Prepared for Fieldwork?

Money and finances are something that are so important to talk about for practitioners and students alike. That’s why I loved that Amanda from @ot.enlightenment shared a post all about how to get your financial ducks in a row to be ready for level 2 fieldwork.

OT, a Pandemic, and Advocacy

We’ve all known the important role that occupational therapy plays within healthcare. But now more than ever our super powers being recognized for our work during the pandemic. Find out the many OT super powers we have as a profession during these times in a recent post from The OT Hub.

Law Enforcement and Autism

Occupational therapy practitioners can help bridge the gap between autism and police. OT Untangled details why it is important in the first place and also offers suggestions on what we can do as OT providers .

ADHD in a Nutshell

Here’s a great short Youtube video all about ADHD from K the Occupational Therapist.

Hello Washington!

Last week I hinted that I was moving and now I can officially say I have moved and am an official resident of the state of Washington. Let’s just say that moving is always hard, but moving during a pandemic is next level. I am slowly adjusting to a new routine up here in Seattle. Any local Seattle OTs here? Hit me up.

We are also halfway (plus one day) through our #30dayplankchallenge and so far it is going really well. There is a good group of practitioners who are committed and have been doing a 1 minute plank every single day for the past 15 days. Check out my Instagram stories if you want to see what we are up to. Wanna join in? All you have to do is post a video on your Instagram story and tag me @ot.4.lyfe so we can hold each other accountable #accountabilOT.

Do you have questions or comments or just want to say “Hi!”? Wanna suggest something for the best of occupational therapy? Reach out to me! I would love to hear from you:


– Sarah

For us, OT is more than just a job!

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