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Best of Occupational Therapy (05/06/2020)

This week: the dark side of occupation, early intervention is critical, more OT resources in Spanish, Friedreich’s Ataxia, and patient’s perspective in SCI rehab.

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The Dark Side of Occupation

This week, Kwaku Agyemang from the OT and Chill podcast, released an awesome episode about engaging in occupations that could be viewed as negative or not health promoting. He interviews a guest about his own life experience with this and how that has impacted his role as an occupational therapist.

The Science Behind Zero to Three

We all know that early intervention is important. Amirra from @marvelousmirracles.ot shares the science behind why.

More OT Resources in Spanish

Last week, I featured some pediatric Spanish resources. This week, Jeanette from OpportuneOT provides us with some resources in Spanish about cerebrovascular accidents with even more to come.

Kelly Hennessy tells her story of being diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia

A Patient’s Perspective on SCI Rehab

Curious to hear how a patient’s perspective on occupational therapy in spinal cord injury rehab? Check out CarolineB_OT’s interview with Stephen who has C7 quadriplegia.

Two New Episodes

Over a year later, my episode with Taelor from @taelormadeot is finally live. Tune in to hear about trauma-sensitive care.

I also released a new monthly episode all about community. And I want to feature you on next month’s recap. All you need to do is answer this…

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  1. This link was just sent to me from a fellow OT. I’m looking forward to exploring the content. Please keep me posted and send more!

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