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Best of Occupational Therapy (02/17/2020)

This week: being globally minded, homelessness, the lived experience of arthritis, coffee for a cause, population health, and meeting a mentor.

Curious What “The BOOT” is?

Here’s the Deal: This is where I bring you the best of the best from the field of OT.

Throughout the week, I’ll consume all sorts of wonderful occupational therapy related material, from podcast episodes, to blog posts, YouTube videos, journal articles, social media posts, you name it.  Then I’ll pick a few of my favorites and feature them here for you to enjoy.

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Let’s find out who gets “The BOOT” this week…

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Then stop what you are doing and go listen to The Occupation Station Podcast with guest Dr. Karen Aranha, OTR. It not only details what it is, but it also lays out how students and OT practitioners can have a more global mindset.

Homelessness & the Role of Occupational Therapy

Want to know more about how OT practitioners can address homelessness? Then don’t miss this week’s #OTalk on twitter because they will be discussing this very topic.

Arthritis: An OT’s Lived Experience

Cheryl Crow recently released a 2-part video series detailing her lived experience with rheumatoid arthritis, gastroparesis, and anxiety. Part 1 shares her honest account in getting a diagnosis and Part 2 dives into her experience navigating the health system.

Coffee for a Cause

Bitty’s & Beau’s, a coffee shop with an important mission, just opened up a new location in Annapolis, MD. I know where I will be getting my coffee now when I go visit my in-laws.

Think Occupational Therapy Practitioners Don’t Play a Role in Population Health?

Think again.

Dr. Wendy C. Hildenbrand, PhD, MPH, OTR/L, FAOTA, presented last week at the University of Findlay about how we can be drivers of change within population health.

Meeting a Mentor

This past week I attended a conference all about one of my favorite things in the whole wide world, podcasting. While there, I attended a talk by one of my favorite podcasters, Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting.

Although his podcast is all about podcasting, this episode struck a chord with me when his guest, Dr. Richard Shuster, discusses his personal tie to therapy and how that influenced him to start a charity.

Not only did I get the chance to meet Dave after his talk, but he even asked to take a picture with me. What a highlight!

The Legend Himself, Dave Jackson

5 weeks and counting! AOTA 2020 here we come.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars and catch me, Occupied, Seniors Flourish, I Love OT Podcast, and OT After Dark at Tech Lab 303A- OT Podcasts: A Modern Medium Connecting & Educating Individuals Around the Globe on Saturday March 28, 2020 from 1:30-3:00pm.

We might even be hosting a special meet-up at the conference so make sure to follow us to get all the details. ;o)

Cheers- Sarah

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