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Working in a Behavioral Inpatient Mental Health Unit with Danielle Miles

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Episode Summary

Mental health is a pivotal part of the profession of occupational therapy. And it’s one practice area that I absolutely love learning about. So today I’ve brought on Danielle Miles to talk about her work in mental health. Danielle is an occupational therapist who works on a behavioral inpatient mental health unit. In the episode, she shares what this practice area looks like, her role as an OT, and also how she navigates her own mental health while working in this area.

Show Notes

Danielle and Sarah discuss:

  • How she got interested in behavioral inpatient mental health
  • What it looks like to work in this area
  • Frequency and duration of services
  • Common diagnoses and typical ages
  • Navigating the differences in the units she works on
  • Limiting biases before working with a patient
  • Her role as an OT and types of interventions
  • Therapeutic use of self
  • It’s okay to ask for help
  • What lights her up as an OT
  • The power of voice
  • Stigma in mental health
  • The hardest and the best part of her work
  • Maintaining your own mental health while working in this practice area

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