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Working in Early Intervention as a New Grad with Amirra Johnson

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Episode Summary

Is early intervention a good practice area to work in as a new grad? To answer this, I’ve got Amirra Johnson, OTD, OTR/L on the show. Amirra’s an occupational therapist and has been working in early intervention for just over a year, having started in that practice area fresh out of OT school. She shares the pros and cons, as well as a few tips to be successful working in EI as a new grad.

Show Notes

Amirra and Sarah discuss:  

  • What is early intervention?
  • How can families be referred 
  • Typical assessments and frequency of evaluations
  • Informed Clinical Opinion 
  • Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)
  • Team Based Model
  • What a day in early intervention looks like (pre-covid)
  • Coaching Model in EI
  • What about all the driving?
  • The skill of scheduling and autonomy 
  • Going bagless 
  • Pros and cons of working in EI as a new grad 
  • Tips for new grads working (or wanting to work) in EI
  • Resources

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