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Can Movement Change the World with Kim Lowack

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Episode Summary

Can something as simple as movement have the ability to change the world? To answer this question, I’m bringing on Kim Lowack, OTR/L who is extremely passionate about movement and has extensive experience working with clients who have been impacted by disruptions within their movement patterns. She shares a ton of information about the components of movement, how it impacts learning and behavior, and why movement is so important across the lifespan.

Show Notes

Kim and Sarah discuss:

  • Influence of movement across the lifespan
  • Effects of movement disruptions
  • Overview of vestibular system
  • Development of the nervous system
  • Why crawling is so important
  • Making it fun is all that matters
  • Focusing on the underlying reflexes to address higher level skills
  • The under appreciated system
  • Identifying the issue and then taking a step back
  • Importance of movement for geriatric population
  • Dr. Harold Blomberg Rhythmic Movements

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