Building Positive Foundations Through Collaboration with Connie Hunt

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Episode Summary

We can learn so much from collaboration within healthcare. As a speech and language pathologist, Connie Hunt, MS, CCC-SLP learned early on in her career the importance of collaboration between therapists and other healthcare professionals (i.e. speech and OT), with students and supervisors, as well as with the clients and their families. Connie is a firm believer in building positive foundations through collaboration, so therapists can make the largest difference in the lives of their clients, colleagues, and students.

Show Notes

Connie and Sarah discuss: 

  • Importance of collaboration between disciplines
  • The complexity of working in feeding and swallowing
  • Slowing down in this hyperspeed world to address therapy needs
  • Feeding hacks for sensory kids
  • Connie’s path into pediatrics
  • Her advice for students
  • The impact that graduate school had on her outlook as a clinician
  • Students and the lack of preparedness for real world therapy coming out of school
  • Her experience of not feeling supported as a student
  • Supervisors need to take a step back to figure out where students at in that moment
  • Gauging students learning by asking questions as a supervisor
  • Having a student is not about what they can do for the supervisor, it is more about how the supervisor can help the student
  • Building positive foundations for students through responsible clinical supervision
  • Just because you are a good clinician, does not mean that you are a good supervisor
  • Getting feedback about what students like/dislike at other fieldwork sites to guide your site
  • Connie’s book series: Hello Mouth, Hello Hands, and Hello Feet
  • R2D2
  • Resources for Fieldwork Educators:

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