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5 Money Tips for a Healthy Mindset

Sarah Putt, MA, OTR/L

Money is not a taboo topic.

Although society likes to think it is and so many people shy away from speaking about it. 

But I, along with a few other members of this amazing OT community, are on a mission to break the stigma that hovers around money. 

Now you might be thinking that this is an occupational therapy account and not a financial account, but hear me out.  

Money is an important aspect of every person’s life. And having a healthy financial mindset is pivotal in order to be the best OT practitioner you can be. 

As students, many of us accrue significant students loans in order to become an OT practitioner. 

And then following school we set out to find jobs in order to live the lives we want and money plays a big role in that. 

So if you are looking for resources to get your financial ducks in a row, here are my top 5. 

  1. Earn and Invest (podcast) 
  2. Afford Anything (podcast) 
  3. How To Money (podcast) 
  4. Millennial Revolution (blog)
  5. The Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins (book) 

All of these have had a huge influence on my own money mindset and have helped me overcome a lot of the money-related stigmas that society puts on us. They have challenged my old way of thinking and helped me attain a better relationship when it comes to money.  

So if you’re looking for resources to help you with your financial mindset, definitely check these out. And comment below if there are any other money resources you recommend. 

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