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From Occupational Therapist to Entrepreneur with Cami Culwell

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Episode Summary

Starting a business takes a lot of nerve. Learn how Clinitote was started and how occupational therapy helped push Cami Culwell through the hurdles of starting a new business.

Show Notes

Occupational therapy and entrepreneurship have a lot in common. Cami Culwell, MA, OTR/L was having trouble with existing bags during her day to day practice as a treating therapist. Clinitote was born out of a drive to make something that is vital to every practitioner’s life more functional and fashionable. Sarah and Cami cover a lot of topics during their talk including:

  • Their most memorable experiences as OT’s
  • How to deal with the loss of a client
  • Importance of having a mentor
  • The challenges of starting a business
  • Implementing work/life balance
  • Overcoming criticism
  • Advice for an aspiring entrepreneur
  • How being an OT has helped overcome the challenges of being an entrepreneur

You can contact her on:

Facebook: @clinitote

Instagram: @clinitote2017

For a 30% discount on any Clinitote purchase use the promo code: OT4LYFE30

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