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I’m Bringin’ Occupation Back

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Episode Summary

Occupational therapy is a unique and broad profession and unfortunately because of this, it is often misrepresented and misunderstood. Many people outside of the profession do not understand who we are or what we do as occupational therapy practitioners. But we can’t expect others to understand what OT is if we as practitioners do not explain it in a way that it makes sense as a whole. So take a listen to find out why our typical way of explaining OT is out and how bringin’ occupation back will better promote and advocate for the profession of occupational therapy.

Show Notes

Sarah discusses: 

  • The difficulty we have describing our profession
  • We don’t explain what it is that we do
  • Reshaping how we talk about OT
  • Bringin’ occupation back
  • Stop using practice examples
  • Rename the profession?
  • Use occupational language
  • #happyaprilfoolsday

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