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Limiting Beliefs, Accountability and Masterminds with Leo Valenzuela

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Episode Summary

Everyone needs support networks. Sarah and Leo discuss limiting beliefs, holding each other accountable and setting up mastermind groups and private practices.

Show Notes

Ultra-running and endurance hikes test one’s ability to overcome exhaustion, mental blocks, and limiting beliefs. Besides being a favorite occupation of Dr. Leo Valenzuela PT, DPT, they have also taught him many life lessons that he has utilized in order to start his own physical therapy private practice, Los Leones Physical Therapy. Sarah and Leo meet to chat about how they formed a mastermind group in order to accomplish their goals of starting a PT practice and an OT podcast. They discuss the importance of community and how it held them accountable and taught them pivotal skills in pursuing their dreams.

They discuss a range of topics including:

  • Ultra-running and endurance hikes
  • Pushing limits and challenging yourself
  • Starting a private practice
  • Hardest part of getting it off the ground
  • Pushing past boundaries
  • Maintaining consistency
  • Most exciting part of starting his own business
  • Going against the grain
  • Importance of having a community
  • Helping with finances, marketing, website design
  • Motivation from others who are also wanting to start something
  • Our favorite physical therapy podcast and Facebook group
  • The PT Entrepreneur Podcast
  • PT Entrepreneur on Facebook
  • Mastermind groups
  • Being held accountable
  • Changing your life personally and professionally
  • Limiting factors and impostor syndrome
  • Setting goals to be better than the month before
  • Failing forward
  • Advice for others wanting to start their own practices

The PT Entrepreneur Podcast

You can reach out to Leo at Los Leones Physical Therapy: LosLeonesPT@gmail.com

On Instagram: @losleonespt

Or at his site: https://www.losleonespt.com/

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