Fresh Perspectives from First Year OT Students with Alex, Christina, and Regina

Episode Summary

Current OT students bring an undeniable passion and energy to the profession with a fresh new perspective. Listen as we discuss their excitement for their OT careers.

Show Notes

Students bring an unique perspective and undeniable passion to the profession of occupational therapy. Each one enters bringing values and previous experiences imperative to growing the scope and capacity of occupational therapy as a whole. Alex Villanueva, Christina Villasenor, and Regina Sarnicola, three students from California State University Dominguez Hills, join Sarah to discuss what the life of an occupational therapy student is really like. They share extensive insight into what lead them to the field of occupational therapy and actionable tips for anyone looking to apply to OT school.

  • Finding occupational therapy as a second career
  • Lessons and skills learned from their past jobs
  • Going about the application process
  • A day in the life of an occupational therapy student
  • What excites them about the profession of occupational therapy
  • Advocating for our profession as a student
  • Advice for prospective OT students

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