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Notes From the OT School House with Jayson Davies and Abby Parana

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Episode Summary

Jayson Davies, MA, OTR/L and Abby Parana, MS, OTR/L are pediatric occupational therapists that work in a school based setting.  They have a unique view on how to provide treatment and advocate for their clients. They also host their own OT podcast: OT School House.

Show Notes

Pediatric occupational therapists work in a variety of settings which present their own challenges and advantages. School Based OT’s have their own distinct perspective on working in pediatrics and working in conjunction with teachers and school administrators to provide the most benefit to their clients. Jayson, Abby, and Sarah discuss a variety of topics relating to school based therapy.

They discuss:

  • Random findings in the laundry
  • Funny stories from the daily life of a pediatric OT
  • Helping kids understand more difficult parts of life
  • The job market for school based OTs across the US
  • The best and worst parts of school based OT
  • Finding and being mentors through your career
  • Advocating for other types of services for clients within the school settings
  • Experiences that led them to their passion in OT
  • Strategies on how to deal with and avoid burnout
  • Why they started their podcast
  • Professional development units by listening to podcasts

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  • Abby: Abby@OTSchoolHouse.com
  • Jayson: Jayson@OTSchoolHouse.com

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