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A Special Episode Full of Thanks

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Episode Summary

Sarah takes the time on a special holiday to reflect on all the things she’s thankful for. From the families that allow her to have impact on their lives to the people that have helped her get the podcast off the ground.

Show Notes

It’s Thanksgiving in the US and that means it’s time to sit down and reflect on all the things in your life that you are thankful for. Sarah sits down to contemplate all the things and people she is thankful for in her life, including:

  • The ability to impact the lives of her clients
  • Being a fieldwork educator and impacting the next generation of OT’s
  • Opportunities for volunteering abroad and the ability to travel
  • Elaine at CRECER
  • Olga at Háskólinn á Akureyri
  • Pushing through the limiting beliefs to get the Podcast live
  • The guests that took a chance to record before the podcast went live
  • The Level II Fieldwork students that recorded the mini-series.
  • Mastermind Mind groups with Leo, Debra and Alexis, Jayson & Abby
  • Alex and Kiara for putting together show notes and helping fine tune ideas.
  • Brock Cook at the Occupied Podcast – www.brockcook.com
  • Sarah’s husband Ray for setting up all the background, promoting and editing.
  • The listeners and community that is building around this podcast

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Thanks again everyone!

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