Interview Information

General Stuff

  • The recording usually lasts about an hour, maybe more if there is a lot of information to cover.
  • We will briefly chat before we start recording to check audio and make sure everything is all set-up.
  • All interviews will be done through Skype. So, if you don’t have it, or need an account, you can find more info here:
  • We will record video (if internet is working well enough), but won’t use the video.
  • If you are curious to hear past episodes to get an idea of how my interviews usually flow you can find them here:


  • If you have a external mic, that would be best, if not, don’t sweat it. Your ear buds will be fine.
  • It is better to use a headset as well, again your ear buds will work fine.
  • Try to be in a quiet room, that doesn’t echo and somewhere you won’t be interrupted.
  • Breaks and dead space are our friends.
    • If you get stuck, just pause, let me know and start over. Editing is magic.
    • They also allow for me or someone else (if doing a multiple person interview) to jump in.

The Interview

  • It’s my aim to make this a conversation, not put you on the spot.
  • This is an opportunity for the audience to get to know you better.
  • You have an interesting story and lots to share, so think about what knowledge and experience you have that will benefit the audience.
  • Think about what is ok to talk about or not ok to talk about.
    • Is there anything specific that you want to discuss?
    • We can take out anything afterwards, if you have second thoughts.
  • Be natural, be yourself, be excited and most importantly, have fun!


  • Feel free to email me at any time with questions before our scheduled time.
  • Also, let me know if you have any questions before we start, when we’re on the actual interview call.

Additional Information

There are tons of articles out there to help you prepare to be a guest. Here are a few I have found helpful for your reference:

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