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What it your most outside the box idea when it comes to working with your clients?

Sarah Putt, MA, OTR/L
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This could be an intervention, a material or device that you use, or something like that. So if you’ve got a crazy idea that you love using with your clients, let me know.

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It feels easy to default to what you know many times. Probably one of my most creative things I came up with was speaking with the family of a patient and one of his most valued tasks was feeding his cats. You can imagine we can’t just let someone “kneel” down and we don’t have cats in the clinic but we had a mat and pet food bowls. One of my other favorite go to’s for high level patients is going to our hospital gift shop cognizant of coronavirus of course and being safe in these public areas of the hospital. But I like being able to assess/challenge safety, awareness, and other patient factors in one place! 


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