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The quality of any essay depends on three interrelated components: the source material that you are going to use (notes of the literature you have read, lectures, recordings of the results of discussions, your own thoughts and accumulated experience on the problem); the quality of processing the available source material (its organization, argumentation and arguments); argumentation (how exactly it corresponds to the problems raised in your essay).

Usually, the questions and assignments posed to you in the process of writing an essay require analytical answers, i.e., finding an explanation: why something happens (for what reason) and how it happens (processes, mechanisms), and the answer requires more than a simple description of facts or a generalization of what others have said. Also, the facts, along with the available points of view on the problem, are extremely important. But, all of this is just part of the background material that you use in answering the question, but it is not the answer to the question itself

Next, when you choose a question on a topic, be sure to read and understand it carefully before you plan your answer, as it can be interpreted in different ways and there are several approaches to cover it: therefore, you will need to choose an interpretation or approach you will follow and be able to justify your option. In doing so, the content of the question may cover a wide range of issues that require a lot of literature; and in this case, you may decide to cover and illustrate only certain aspects of the issue. Also, you will have no problem in doing so, as long as you stay within the scope and your choices are reasonable and you can back them up with the appropriate evidence.

Based on your decision about how you will answer the question, you should make a plan/structure for your answer; moreover, the structure of a written paper usually consists of components such as:

-First: introduction: the essence and rationale for the choice of the topic.

-Second: proposal of the topic: a reasoned disclosure of the topic based on the material gathered (ideas, models, and data).

-Third: completion: generalizations and reasoned conclusions on the topic, indicating its scope, etc.


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