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Episode 62 - Trauma-Sensitive Care for Healthcare Providers with Taelor Millsap  

Sarah Putt, MA, OTR/L
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This episode was a really interesting take on the effects of trauma in the lives of clients.  Do you have any thoughts on the episode?

Make sure you take a listen: ot4lyfe.com/62


I had so many takeaways from this episode, but a few that stood out to me where: 

  1. Talking to our client's body on the cellular level
  2. Small t traumas can be just as impactful as Big T traumas
  3. Medical conditions, diagnoses, conditions, and injuries can be trauma
  4. "Connection before correction"
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Sarah! I love that you got so much out of the episode we recorded together. When I first heard that phrase "connection before correction" at a trauma conference, I literally dropped my jaw in awe. It just made so much sense, and I've been using it so much. All of these takeaways are amazing. The other thing I would say is that one stable, consistent adult can act as a buffer in how trauma is processed. To all listeners and readers, you have the power to be that adult as their regular therapy provider. <3