Midterm Evaluations and the Final Weeks of Placement – OTA Fieldwork: Part 3 of 4

Episode Summary

During the middle of fieldwork, students and their supervisors complete the midterm evaluation and discuss progress over the first half of the student’s placement. They address any areas that need continued growth and set goals for the student to successfully complete their level II fieldwork. The students begin managing full caseloads and taking over responsibilities necessary for entry level practice.

This is the third episode of the OTA student series where we follow two occupational therapy assistant students Ijeoma Ikpeze and Chantal Sendall throughout their last level 2 fieldwork placements. In this episode, the girls share how their midterms went, what their schedules look like now, as well as assess their feelings as fieldwork is ending.

Show Notes

Chantal, EJ, and Sarah discuss:

  • Their current feelings heading into the last 2 weeks of fieldwork
  • Feelings about midterm scoring
  • What going through the midterm looked like
  • Importance of self reflection during fieldwork
  • What their day-to-day looks like in fieldwork
  • The importance of having other students with you on fieldwork
  • Practice supervision for OT and OTA students
  • Reflections on expectations and managing the role of the student
  • Becoming your own therapist and not just an imitation of your supervisor
  • The last two weeks of fieldwork and beyond
  • Finding a job as a new grad

From Observation to Taking the Lead – OTA Fieldwork: Part 2 of 4

Episode Summary

During the first few weeks of fieldwork, OT and OTA students get exposed to the practice area, common diagnoses, treatment activities and modalities, as well as the team that they will be working with throughout their placement.  Students start with observing their supervisors and other therapists at the site, then begin assisting in the treatment sessions and evaluations, and ultimately start taking the lead for their assigned caseload. 

This is the second episode of the OTA student series where we follow two occupational therapy assistant students Ijeoma Ikpeze and Chantal Sendall throughout their last level 2 fieldwork placements. In this episode, the girls share how their experience is going in the first three weeks, including what their days and supervision looks like, as well as specific challenges that they have encountered. This episode is for any OT and OTA students or future students, practicing clinicians, and fieldwork educators. 

Show Notes

EJ, Chantal, and Sarah discuss: 

  • How they feel after completing 3 weeks of fieldwork
  • Shifting from observing to leading their own groups
  • Distinguishing OTs unique value in mental health services
  • What to do when your treatment plan backfires?
  • Therapeutic use of self
  • Learning to read the patients
  • Daily and momentary goals
  • How their days are structured 
  • Differences in supervision
  • The emotional toll of working in mental health
  • The role of our own biases
  • Changes in responsibilities expected in the next few weeks of fieldwork
  • Advice for students going into fieldwork

Preparing for the Challenge – OTA Fieldwork: Part 1 of 4

Episode Summary

Once all the coursework is completed, occupational therapy students start their level 2 fieldworks to gain hands-on, clinical experience in various practice areas. Over the course of a few short months, students take on the challenge of going from observation to entry-level practitioner. 

This episode is the first in a 4 part series where we follow two occupational therapy assistant students from Erie Community College throughout the last of the level 2 fieldwork placements.  Ijeoma Ikpeze and Chantal Sendall dive deep into their experiences as an OTA student and open up about their excitement and nervousness as their last fieldwork is about to begin. 

If you’re an OT student or future OT student, this series should not be missed.  If you’re a clinician and have been considering taking a student or are a current fieldwork educator, this series will give you a first hand glimpse of what students go through during fieldwork.

Show Notes

EJ, Chantal, and Sarah discuss: 

  • Their previous level 2 fieldwork placement
  • Getting experience in many practice areas as an OT student
  • Hardest parts of their first fieldwork placement
  • Challenges with documentation and relating the treatments to the big picture
  • Transitioning from classroom to clinical practice
  • Learning to take chances and not be afraid to make mistakes
  • Preparing for their next Level 2 placements in mental health
  • Having fieldworks back to back
  • Excitement and nerves going into their last placement
  • What they are most excited about and what they are most nervous about
  • Importance of developing an open line of communication with your supervisors 
  • The students’ perceived strengths and weakness going into fieldwork
  • Being resourceful when not knowing the answers
  • How to be a good student
  • The importance of asking questions 
  • Differences between OTA and OT fieldwork
  • Advocating for yourself as an OTA student
  • Social media resources for OT and OTA students

OT School: From Classroom to Level 2 Fieldwork

Episode Summary

Occupational therapy school is quite a journey. From the multitude of classes, to Level 1 fieldwork experiences, all the midterms and finals, and the practical exams along the way. Just making it through the program is a feat in itself. Then comes the Level 2 fieldworks which take people from being students in the classroom to becoming entry level OT practitioners by the end of their first rotation. Needless to say, a lot of learning occurs during this entire process.

In this episode, Sarah chats with Bianca Callier, Kathleen Kanegawa, and Celia Parra, three occupational therapy doctoral students from West Coast University, as they make the transition from being a student in the classroom to embarking on their Level 2 fieldworks. They discuss their experiences in OT school so far, how to be involved in leadership and advocacy as an OT student, and what excites them most about our profession. They also share some great tips and strategies on how to thrive and excel within an OT program. Their passion and enthusiasm for our profession will be sure to inspire any current OT students, future OT students, fieldwork educators, and OT practitioners.

Show Notes

Bianca, Kat, Celia and Sarah discuss:

Minding Our OT Business with Laura Park Figueroa

Episode Summary

Ever wanted to start your own OT business? Or do you have one and want to up your business game? If yes, this episode is for you. Laura Park Figueroa, MS, OTR/L joins the show to discuss all things OT and business.  We discuss the mindset as an entrepreneur, she shares her mistakes and successes on the path to building and running a private practice, and she provides numerous helpful resources throughout the episode. This episode is a must listen for any OT entrepreneurs or aspiring OT entrepreneurs.

Show Notes

Sarah and Laura discuss:

Email: laura@outdoorkidsot.com

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mindyourotbusiness

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Podcast: https://www.mindyourotbusiness.com/podcast

Transitions and Reflections of a Millennial OT with Grant Mitchell

Episode Summary

Occupations and views change and transition over time.  In this episode, Grant Mitchell MOT, OTR/L shares his journey through his current occupational transitions: from new grad to full time practitioner, from working in mental health to working in inpatient rehabilitation, from living in Minnesota to living in Florida, and from being single to married with a child and how these changes have impacted his occupations and his view of occupational therapy.  Grant reflects on how his lens of occupational therapy has shifted over the years and the influence that it has had on his personal and professional story.

Show Notes

Sarah and Grant discuss: 

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